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LED Displays

Easy Marquee from MPA Engineering

Electronic high impact moving message displays - designed for industrial, commercial or office use - indoor or outdoor - the EasyMarquee is perfect for communicating messages to the public or staff.

MPA has a huge selection of electronic high impact moving message displays to chose from. EasyMarquee is an effective communication tool for a wide range of applications - advertising campaigns, shop fronts, signage, sporting venues, trade shows and lots, lots more!

Features include: high impact moving messages; large LED display; choice of sizes; personalised, storable, static, scrolling or flashing messages; wall mounted, free standing or on a trailer.

LED Display

The large, bright, red LED display is clearly visible from distances up to 30 metres - to visually communicate plant status and operational messages.

MPA now manufacture a large variety of indoor numeric displays, available with 5 digits, covering a wide range of inputs, including:

  • Modbus RTU
  • Pulse Count (Up/Down)
  • Quadrature Encoder
  • Addressable BCD
  • Serial Input
  • 40-20mA (scalable)
  • RTD Load Cell

Available in 50 to 400mm sizes, these signs can easily be programmed with a computer or a Palm Pilot. or connected on line to a computer. Programmed messages can be interrupted with special warning statements just like at an airport.

Professional effects such as scrolling, flashing, and are all easy to set.

Available in indoor, weatherproof and stainless steel cases.

Bright LEDs give a sharp easily visible image. Can be used in shops, factories, bus stops wherever information has to be given.

MPA can customize the display to meet your special requirements.


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