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Distance Control

Cellvisor, the New Answer to Distance Control

e-State Automation, an Australian Company, have a new solution to your distance controls.

It is expensive to build your own control line or maintain your own radio system. So use the mobile phone network and let the service providers do the work

Using a system of SMS messages you can:

  • Interconnect sites; say a pumping station and a reservoir.
  • Use your mobile phone as a command station to switch your pumps or to start your watering system.
  • Have alarm states sent to your mobile phone(s).
  • Cellvisor's built in log can be interrogated by a computer and modem.
  • Connected your site(s) to a central computer using a simple modem and our software.
  • Allow authorized users to for example switch on lights at a sports ground.
  • Any other application you or we can think of.

You thought SMS was just a fun thing. Cellvisor makes it a working tool.

Available in GSM or CDMA.