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Safety Systems

Safety relays and Safety Systems from Pilz.

Traditional ideas of fail safe using standard relays and PLCs are not adequate for many of today's conditions. If an installation is to meet the requirements of Categories 2, 3 or 4 of AS4024-1 you must consider PILZ.

Safe control technology has been part of the Pilz product range since 1968. Since then they have constantly expanded their expertise in the area of safety technology. In doing so their engineers have set standards. The first emergency stop relay PNOZ, the programmable safety system PSS and the safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p have heralded a new age in safety technology.

Special construction and monitoring in certified safety relays and programmable safety systems ensures that your employees and plant are fully protected in case of failure. Safety relays can be electronic or electromechanical.

Programmable safety systems including safety PLCs meet the requirements of integrity and protect the software from damaging interference. PILZ PLCs can be connected by a safety bus system.

In conjunction with PILZ we can offer you assistance in applying the right system to ensure compliance with the plant regulations and Codes of Practice in your state.

Don't take chances with the safety of your staff.

Safety Systems from SAFECOM

Swiss manufacturer SAFECOM produces radio systems to Category 4.

Available Products:

  • remote controls
  • telemetry systems
  • emergency stop/enabling systems
  • radio interface for SafetyBUS p



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