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Wireless Control The safest place to control a machine is so often not where the designers have placed the control panel. For this reason we import Ikusi and SAFECOM radio remote controls.
Safety Systems Pilz safety systems from the original manufacturer of safety relays. We can supply your needs, from a simple emergency stop button to a complete PLC controlled system. From SAFECOM of Switzerland we import safety radio systems.
Load Limiters For your crane don't risk a dangerous collapse. Install an INDILoad load limiter from EIA Electronics imported by us from Belgium.
Distance Control If you need a telemetry system or are thinking of installing an overland control cable use the mobile phone system.. Cellvisor by eState in GSM or CDMA with built in intelligence.
LED Displays Need an Electronic display, for your workshop? Easy Marque LED Indicators from Brisbane manufacturer MPA Engineering are the best we have seen.
For the Park, the Orchard and the Farm:
Park and Playing Field Management Be water-wise and energy efficient. Use the Cellvisor Playstate to control your park lighting and watering.
Orchard Management Frost Alert! The STIL-CVTH Sensor from eState anticipates frosts in time to start your fans and send you an SMS warning signal.
Farms Turn on your pumps or control your gates by your mobile phone with Cellvisor by eState.